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Trying to hop back into uploading stories and drawing. A new year with new goals. I haven't been very active on here or my fanfic. I've been lacking lately so I plan to get back into the groove. I know its really late but I hope everyone is having a good year so far and much luck to your future goals and plans. 

Note: Even though I haven't been active on here I have been doing writing with my awesome friend/sister SlytherinJess  please head to our page BeyondTheBarricadee  to check out our first completed story together School life and our new story Unity, a squeal to School life. A like, comment, and or review would be great. Thank you :)       
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Hello! Welcome to my page!
my name is Vona and I enjoy drawing and writing. I hope to one day become a cartoonist or a author or both :D. I do get a lot of brain farts so please bear with me. I take long brakes at time so that my mind doesn't melt away :D :D :D. I also don't mind making new friends :3. If you have any tips for me about...well anything really then that would be nice as well. I always like it when I can improve my own work. Thank you and enjoy browsing my gallery if you want lol. I am a huge Batman fan and I love watching anime. Sengoku Basara and One Piece are in my top two spots!! xD

Ahhh ~Batman~ How I love him soo!! Gotta find more stamps xD
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Chapter 16

Ichigo was sitting in the living room with the other soul reapers. The words from Jess. ‘I’m a witch.’ Kept replaying to him again and again. ‘It would explain why her spiritual energy is a bit out there…’ He says to himself. “Ichigo.” ‘Now the question where did she come from.’ “Ichigo!” ‘Does Jenna know what she is?’ “ICHIGO!!!” Ichigo suddenly felted a slap to the back of the head. “Ow! What the hell!!” He rubbed his head and looked up to see a fuming Rukia. “I’ve been talking to you for a while now! Get your head out of the gutters!!!” Renji smacked him in the back of the head again. “So it was you…” Ichigo says as his eyes twitch. “This is no time for you to space out. We couldn’t get here because of the swam of hollows so we have no clue what’s going on. We need information Ichigo…” Renji says in a serious tone making Ichigo look at him in surprise “Wow…it’s weird to see you so serious.” An angry mark appeared on his head. “The last month is approaching and we had less answers to the questions we need answer. I don’t want to lose Jenna either you know.” Toshiro sighed. “Okay so tell us what happened.” Ichigo nodded and recapped everything that happened.
“Grimmjow was here and he had Jenna by her throat. He said he had remembered what his mission was, which I am guessing, had to be to get rid of Ulquiorra, Jenna, and the baby.” Ichigo says. Toshiro frowned. “Why does he want to kill Ulquiorra? Aren’t they on the same side?” “When Ulquiorra came, he stopped Grimmjow.” They looked at him. “What do you mean?” Renji asked. “I mean he saved Jenna.” Ichigo says. “Grimmjow started going off about how Ulquiorra should have forgot about his past. Something about betraying them for a human and how his ways have alerted all of us leaving himself to clean up the mess.” “Then that means Grimmjow really was working for Aizen. Something happened to make him regain his memories. Maybe being in the presence of Ulquiorra jolted them somehow.” Toshiro says.
“So Grimmjow came to kill them. Failed. Now he left to report to Aizen maybe?” Renji says. “We don’t know yet. I sent the others out to find him and if possible to kept him alive.
“Go on. What happened next?” Orihime said in a worried tone. She wanted to go up to Jenna but Ichigo stopped her since Jess was up their doing whatever it is she do. “Well during that time Jenna must have remembered something about Ulquiorra. Something that deep down in her memories. It made her ask him for the truth.” Ichigo bends over and crosses his fingers. “Ichigo?” Orihime says. “The good news is that Jenna isn’t going to die…” They looked shocked at that. “Wait how do you know?” Renji asked. “Ulquiorra said so.” “So you’re just going to take his word for it!?” Renji asked angrily. Ichigo turn around and looked at him. “What choice do I have!!! The moment I was going to fight him he said that if I killed him then Jenna will die as well!! Do you think I want to believe that!?” Ichigo yelled out in anger. “In some since he kept tell me that I needed to protect him and Jenna…” Toshiro’s eyes narrowed. ‘Could it be…’ Uryu pushed his glasses up. “Okay so for now we believe Ulquiorra for now. When you say good news, bad news is always sure to be behind.” Ichigo looked at him and sighed. “Jenna found out who killed her parents.” Orihime gasp. “It was Ulquiorra…” Renji grabbed him by the shirt. “…and you want to trust this bastard!!! The same one who killed her parents!!??” He yelled. Ichigo looked down and pulled away from Renji. “Would you shut up…you think I’m not just as pissed off!! Ulquiorra is making Jenna go through all this pain because he doesn’t want to be forgotten by her anymore! He is doing everything in his power just so she doesn’t erase her again!! How the hell do you think I fell when I can’t protect her when she’s in danger! She’s upstairs now suffering because all her memories came back all at once!!!!”
Renji was taken back by the sudden outburst. “Wait…Jenna got her memories back?” Toshiro asked. “What do you mean by forget and erase him…?” Rukia asked. The living room became tense as Ichigo tried to calm his anger down. Suddenly the door started to open by itself. Everyone looked toward it. Renji, Rukia, and Toshiro grabbed their swords ready to attack. They waited until they heard a small meow. They blinked and looked down to see a black cat with a pentagram necklace around its neck, strolling in. “W-What…” They watched as she sat down wiggly her tail. “Is that… Yoruichi? Orihime says blinking. They then hear someone walking down the stairs. They turned to see Jess walking down. Renji eyes scanned her up and down. “Ichigo…who’s that woman?” Ichigo sighed. “That’s Jess…Jenna’s friend.” Jess ignored them for the moment. “I knew you would follow me here, never can stay away from me, can you?” The cat made a chuffed noise. Jess smiled and walked back upstairs. “Come Sabrina.” The cat, Sabrina, raced up the stairs after her leaving everyone in a bit of a baffle.    
They blinked and looked at Ichigo. “Don’t ask…it’s already complicated enough…” He sat back down. Thanks to Jess and her cat the tense air had calmed down a bit. Ichigo took a breath. He sat back. “So…yes, Jenna got her memories back…all of them. She was in so much pain I didn’t know what to do…if it wasn’t for Jess she may have not survived all her memories flooding in her head…” There was a brief silence between them. Toshiro was rubbing his chin. ‘That woman…where do I know her from…’ He looked towards the stairs.
Up in Jenna’s room Jess was looking over her. She had finished cleaning her up. She tossed the blood stain clothes into the wash and dressed her in one of her night gowns. She wanted to smack Ichigo once more for putting her in danger but she knew it wasn’t his fought. On her way to the house she had felt that same aura, the one that was surrounding the house and Jenna. She thought it would have been stronger but it felt weak like it was slowly dying…just like that tree in the park. She narrowed her eyes. “Hmmm…”
Looking down at Jenna, she was sleeping calmly but who knows how her mind was holding up. Sabrina was sitting in Jess’s lap purring softy. Jess sighed. “Well, I suppose it would be rude to not introduce myself to those other people. Plus, I do need answers on what happened. The barrier that was over the house also needs to be prepared.” She then eyed Jenna’s belly. Smiling gently, she reached out. “It couldn’t hurt to peak.” She rubbed Jenna’s belly and chanted softly to herself. A green light shined around her hand. She closed her eyes and waited. She gasps slightly and moves her hand away. “That’s…strangle…another question added to the list…” Jess frowned looking at Jenna. She placed Sabrina on the bed next to Jenna. “Watch Jenna while I’m talking okay?” She rubbed Sabrina on the back before she went downstairs.
It was still silent when she walked into the living room. Ichigo was lost in through until he felt her sit next to him. Ichigo look to her. “How is she?” “She’s sleeping but I don’t want you rushing up there just yet. She needs some rest.” Ichigo frowned at her but sighed. Jess looked around the room and saw that everyone was looking at her. She smiled. “Hello, my name is Jessica Mikcloud but you can all call me Jess. I am a good friend of Jenna’s and I’ve come to offer my help in this questioning situation.” Renji frowned at her. “Who said we wanted any help from you!? How are you going to help us when we know nothing about you!” Ichigo sighed. “Renji…don’t…” Jess frowned at Renji. “I’m just saying! How can we just a woman who comes out of nowhere!” Rukia crossed her arms. “I somewhat agree with Renji but at the same time…she already shows remarkable power…” Renji looked to Rukia. “Oh yeah? How so?” Rukia sighed. “You idiot…we are all in our natural forms and she can see us clearly…what does that tell you?”
Renji reached for his sword. “That she could be an enemy and that we should take her into questioning! On your feet woman!” Jess chuckled at this. “Oh? You wish to challenge me? I can assure you it will not end in your favor.” Renji grabbed the hilt of his sword as Jess stood up and casually walked to him. Ichigo groaned. Living here with Jess has taught him to watch what he says around her. One wrong move and he could be sent flying across the town.
Renji frowned at Jess. “Don’t make this any harder on yourself. I don’t take pleasure into beating woman…” Jess smirked as he got ready to charge her. “My, you are a very foolish one I see. It seems I have to put you in your place as well.” She took a step and quickly appeared in front of Renji making him and the others eyes widen. Ichigo shook his head. ‘Welp…rest is in peace Renji…’ Renji was caught off by this. ‘How did she move so fast!? She’s not a regular human!?’ In his thoughts, he failed even see what happened next. With a swift movement, Jess backhanded him into the wall. The hit sent Renji flying straight into the wall creating a body print. He fell to the floor twitching. Jess placed her hand on her hip ignoring the shocked looks. “I held back but if I were you I would stay down.” She turned around to sit back on the couch. Renji got up and coughed out. He could feel his cheek swelling slightly. “Just stay down Renji…” Ichigo says. Renji ignored Ichigo and started to charge Jenna. “I’ll show you not to underestimate me!!” Jess sighed. She then spotted a fly swatter hanging on the wall. The swatter shook slightly as it rose off the wall and flew towards her.
Orihime gasped as this. Ichigo blinked in confusion. ‘She did say she was a witch…’ Renji reached out to grab Jess but as soon as he did the fly swatter smacked him dead straight in the face sending him rolling backwards back into the wall. Jess turned around as the fly swatter hovered beside her. “Please be a good boy and stay down. I would hate to have to embarrass you anymore then I have to.” The hit was so hair that it left the wire print on Renji’s face. Rukia frowned at this as Jess took her seat. ‘Who is this woman….’ The fly swatter landed on the table just in case Renji got anymore foolish ideas.  
Jess cleared her throat and smiled. “So does anyone else has an issue about me helping out?” They all shook their heads rapidly. “Good so let’s talk but first I’m going to replace the barrier around the house. I don’t want any more surprise attacks while Jenna is resting.” Toshiro looked at her. “You…can make barriers?” Jess stood up. “I can do many things if so pleased.” Toshiro frowned. “Just who are you…” Jess was walking to the door. “All you need to know is that I am here to help my friend out of this.” Just as Jess reached the door she felt three strong auras’ coming close. She chuckled to herself as she felt a familiar one.
Suddenly, Kisuke, Yoruichi, and Byakuya appeared in the middle of the room. Ichigo sighed out. “Great another troublemaker is here.” Byakuya ignored him as he scanned the room. His eyes laid straight on Jess. Jess simply wiggled her fingers, giving him a slight finger wave. He turned his head away from her. Kisuke held up a fan. “Sorry for the intrusion but we got some troubling news to share. It seems like hollows are hovering about the town.” Ichigo and the others looked at him. “What!?” Kisuke waved his hand. “Don’t worry. The soul society is taking care of it.” He took out a pill out and hit the button. He tossed it back and a huge TV screen appeared, covering the patched-up hole that Ichigo had fixed. Ichigo stood up. “Why the hell did you bring that huge ass TV back! You better take it back with you!!” Kisuke laughed. “Don’t worry, I have it covered. The head captain wants a report about what happened but, before we can get to that…would you mind introduction your friend.” He looked over to Jess. “Hello, I’m Jessica Mikcloud.” Kisuke blinked. “Mikcloud? My…such a big shot we have here. May I ask what such a high standard person as yourself is doing here?” He narrowed his eyes slightly.
Ichigo looked at Jess. “High standard? Like…Rick!?” Jess smiled. “If you are trying to imply that I have something to do with whatever is going on then you are very mistaken. I am just here to help my friend get out of this situation. Something you all are failing to do. Now if you would excuse me I have something to do right quick. It won’t take long.” Jess says looking at the door.  
Jess placed her hand on the door and took a deep breath closing her eyes, right away they all sensed a powerful wave of energy coming her. Her hair started to glow neon red. Everyone was watching her carefully. Her eyes snapped open and her eyes were glowing green, the door and walls were rippling with a purple glow. Putting her hand down she turned and smiled "Barrier restored, everyone in the room can pass through the barrier." All eyes were still on her as she took her seat next to Ichigo. She turned to look at Renji who turned his head away from her. “Good boy!” She says laughing. Renji growled out but he dared not move from that spot.
Yoruichi laughed. “Not bad. The Mikcloud name isn’t just for show.” Jess smiled her way then glanced at Byakuya who had moved over on the opposite side of the room with his eyes closed. Rukia took a seat next to Toshiro. “Just who are you um…Jess…? How can you make a barrier? How did you make that fly swatter hover? What is your connection to Jenna?” Jess had her arms crossed as she leans back on the couch. “So many questions on the little things. For now, let’s just focus on Jenna? If you share your information with me then I shall share mine. That’s a fair trade don’t you think?” Kisuke closed his fan. “Deal. Let’s focus on the main situation. So, tell me everything and lets combine notes shall we.”
He turned the TV on and Jushiro, Shunsui, and head captain Yamamoto, appeared. Yamamoto looked around the room and his closed eyes laid on Jess. “Hmmm…a very interesting element for a Mikcloud to be here.” Jess looked at him. “You have heard of my family sir?” “Indeed…” Jushiro and Shunsui looked at Jess closely. “Those green eyes and red hair are a dead giveaway not to mention how cute you are. Even though the screen. Very cute…” Jess could feel her checks burning slightly as she turned away. Byakuya opened his eyes slightly looking at the screen. Jushiro laughed. “Forgive my friend he forgot a certain person is there.” The two men glanced at Byakuya who had closed his eyes again. Jess smiled slightly at him. Jushiro chuckled. “There is much I would like to discuss with about the history of your family but I am afraid that would have to wait.” Jess nodded. The head captain looked around. “Where is the girl?” “Her name is Jenna old man…” Ichigo says. “She’s upstairs resting right now.” “I see…well why don’t we get this started. I want to hear what has been going on so far and if the matter we had discussed is still on the table or not.” Ichigo frowned at him. Jess looked at Ichigo. ‘…what matter is he talking about?’
Once everything was said Jess was in deep thought. She was happy that Jenna would live past the due date but what troubled her was the link she had between this Ulquiorra person. If he died, then she would die. Does that mean if Jenna dies he would as well? Was their bond that strong? Then there was this Grimmjow fellow. Was he coming back for Jenna? If he went after her the best way to draw Ulquiorra out was to put her life in danger. Ichigo was thinking the same thing as her. “Grimmjow isn’t going to get reinforcements…he’s going to heal up and come after Jenna again. He’s not the type to retreat and call for backup.” Kisuke nodded. “True and the less Aizen knows the better. We already have to deal with the hollows swarming the town, Grimmjow being on the loose, and Ulquiorra as well…putting Aizen in the mix would make things more complicated.”  
Ichigo ruffled his head. “Ugh!! I hate this! Why does Jenna have to be in the middle of this!!” Orihime looked at Ichigo sadly and placed her hand on his. This made Jess watch her actions carefully. Jenna had told her that Orihime still had lingering feelings for Ichigo. She didn’t look like she would be the type of person to try to steal someone else’s boyfriend but Jess kept an eye on her just to make sure. Rukia was watching Jess. “So Jess…is there anything you want to share? We put everything on the table…so how about you?” She says narrowing her eyes. Jess looked at her and sighed. “Very well, A few hours ago I found where those visords were hiding.” Ichigo looked at her. “You found Shinji!! What happened!!??” “Calm yourself Ichigo. I will tell you if you let me. So I went there looking for answers and since they didn’t give me any I kicked their asses. Then before I could finish a certain broody person stopped me.” She glanced at Byakuya.
Rukia crossed her arms. “So basically, what you are saying is that you have nothing for us?” Jess frowned. “Please let me finish…on my way here I felt something strange. The aura that has been around this house and that had attached itself to Jenna…it was coming here. I thought since it has been giving you so much trouble it would be stronger but…” Kisuke looked at her. “…but…?” “This aura felt weak…like it was slowly dying…and maybe even a bit sad…” “Sad??” Jushiro says. Jess nodded. “Yes, that same aura is attached to Jenna so could that be the same Ulquiorra person?” The room was silent for the moment. Rukia was still looking at Jess. “This aura thing…how can we be sure that you aren’t lying? What are you really?” Jess shook her head. “Man, you just won’t let this go…do you truly wish to know what I am above saying my friend’s life?” Jess says. “We have confirmed that Jenna isn’t going to die.” “Your confirmation is based off this Ulquiorra person. What if he is lying to you? Are you going to put your trust into his word? He is the one who got her into this mess.” It felt like the room was getting a bit tensed. Ichigo sighed. “Jess…just tell them so we can move on. We are getting nowhere like this.” Jess sighs. "To the moon goddess, never gonna drop it are you? very well, to answer your so desire question... I'm a Witch."
Everyone looked at her. “A…A witch!!??” They all say in unison. Jess couldn’t help but chuckle at their reaction. “Yes, a witch.” Renji stood up. “A witch! Witches aren’t real!?” Jess looked his way and the fly swatter smacked him in the face. “Renji, how many more times is your face going to have to eat this fly swatter?” Renji rubbed his face. “You really expect us to believe such an idiotic lame ass story!?” Ichigo couldn’t really say anything. He also couldn’t really believe that Jess was a witch as well.
Jess frowned and sighed. “This is a waste of time but since you all desire some proof the so be it.” Jess stood up and walked up to Renji, who jumped back slightly. Jess shook her head. “Calm down I’m not gonna smack your face with the swatter…for now…” She lifted her hand as her body was covered in a purple light. Her eyes started to glow slightly as well. Everyone looked wide eyed as Renji’s body started to glow slightly purple as well. “What the hell is going on!?” Suddenly there was a bright light and Renji was dropped to the floor.
Jess smiled. “There. Should this be enough proof?” Renji sat up rubbing his head. “Proof??What proof!?” He looked to see everyone’s mouth dropped opened and their eyes wide. “What??” He looked down at himself. “W-WHAT!!!” Renji was back into his human giga form. “T-This is impossible!! My giga was at the shop? How did you…When did you…WHAT THE HELL!!??” Jess giggled. “I told you. Now do you believe me?” Everyone was still in shock as she went to sit back down.
Renji was still in shock. “T-Tell is no way!! You must have used some kind of trick!!” Jess shook her head. “I can tell you are going to be a hand full.” Renji was about to say something else. “Renji…that is enough…” They all look at Byakuya. “But captain…” “I said enough…She is what she said she is…She gave you the proof you needed now both you and Rukia stop with this shameful attitude.” Rukia put her head down and Renji turned his head and crossed his arm. “Y-Yes sir…” He mumbled. Jess smiled at Byakuya. “Thank you.” Byakuya said nothing as his eyes was closed once more.
They then heard small sounds coming from the stairs.  Jess then smiled more. "Sabrina I thought I told you to watch over her." They all see a black cat with purple eyes, they recognized it as the same cat from earlier. Sabrina jumped on Jess's lap and made a cat purr noise, Jess chuckles "alright" “Great I bet this cat is supposed to be a part of this little ‘witch’ act…” He says frowning. Sabrina turned her head to Renji and put her ears back. "Shut up you stupid human! how dare you talk to my mistress that way!" Renji raised his eyebrow at the cat. Yoruichi perked up. “Another feline that can take interesting!” Jess laughed "Forgive my her, Sabrina is my familure, she's a cat with a huge amount of magical energy. She is category under Monster Cat with the such magical power. She is very protective of me and will defend me." Sabrina wagged her tail and looked at Renji and hissed at him.
Renji huffed and turned his head away from them. “At least the talking cat is something we are all use to.” “Renji…I do hate repeating myself…” Byakuya says. “Apologizes captain. Kisuke chuckled. “Well if all the fun and games are over let’s get back to this discussion. Jess you said you that Ulquiorra’s spirt was basically dying correct?” Jess nodded. “Have you felt anything similar to his aura, like something else dying around the same time?” Jess tapped her chin. “Yes, actually. The tree where Ichigo and Jenna were the other day. It was also dying but I would need more time to looking to that.” Ichigo looked at her. “…That tree is where me and Jenna first meet. Do you think it’s also connected with Ulquiorra as well?” “Maybe…but only Jenna can fill in the gap. Her memories are returned to her now but I don’t want her to push herself anymore then she has to. Being that she’s almost 18 weeks I don’t want anything more stress to hit her and also about the baby…” She looked to Ichigo and the others. “Yeah what about it?” “When I was upstairs I used a spell to take a peak at the gender…what I found was strange.”
Ichigo raised his eye brow. “Yeah? What was strange?” “The baby doesn’t have a gender…” Ichigo frowned. Orihime looked at Jess. “That’s impossible, isn’t it?” “Maybe this also has to do with Ulquiorra. I don’t know for sure yet…” Kisuke rubbed his chin. “Hmm…no gender huh…” He turned to the captain commander. “Will you be sending the others to help with the hollow problem.” Yamamoto nodded. “Yes, Captain Zaraki is being sent there now along with Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who would determine why the hollows are still gathering. I am also issuing an order that Shinji Hirako, to be brought in for questioning. He has tried to poison Jenna and kidnap her. He must have more information on what we need. If we settle this matter, then the increasing hollow will start to decreases and order will come back to the world of the living. As for you Ichigo…” Ichigo frowned. “Old man, Jenna wants to keep this baby no matter what the cost. She will never give it up and if that’s what she want then that’s what I want to.” Yamamoto looked at him. “Even at the cost of both of their life?” Ichigo frowned and looked down. “It’s Jenna’s choice and I will stick by her no matter what…” Jess smiled softly at him.
Yamamoto nodded. “I see. Then that is all for now.” He slammed his staff down and the TV turned off. Kisuke sighed. “Well now seems like we have an order. We have to bring in Shinji. Byakuya, why don’t you and Jessica here go track him down since you two were the last to see him.” Jess looked to Byakuya. “I can do it by myself. There is no need for her to dirty her hands anymore then she has to.” She smiled at him. “I’ll deliver him at your shop…” He then flashed stepped away. Yoruichi chuckled. “My, My little Byakuya has such a cute crush.” She says looking at Jess. Jess blushed and looked away. “I’m going to go back upstairs with Jenna.” She stood up and Sabrina in her arms. “Oh, there is something else. I’m going to be hiding Jenna’s aura for a while. It should keep her safe until we figure out some kind of plan.” Ichigo looked at her. “How are you going to do that?” Jess smiled. “I have something in mind. Something a little similar to the necklace that had given her the ability to see you in your…ghostly forms.” She turned and headed upstairs.
Later that night Jess was in the room finishing up the last preparation for the necklace she was going to give Jenna. Ichigo was out with the others defeating some hollows that were near the house. Strange enough even before the hollows would reach the barrier around the house they would suddenly disappear without a trace. It made Jess wonder what was going on outside but she didn’t want to leave Jenna unprotected. She sighed and then smiled as she held up a glowing aqua necklace. “Finished…the Dolen necklace is completed.” She got up and sat on the bed. She placed the necklace carefully around Jenna’s neck.
Outside the house Ichigo took down some hollows when he felt Jenna’s aura disappeared. He looked back at the house frowning. “Is this Jess doing?” He watched as the hollows slowly drifted away from the house. Some of them lingered but the other soul reapers took care of them. Rukia flashed stepped in front of him. “Ichigo! Jenna…” “It’s fine. Jess said she was making something to hide her aura. Since aura and spiritual pressure seem to be one and the same she’s okay. Jess wouldn’t let anything happen to her.” Rukia looked at him. “How can you trust that girl so easily!?” Ichigo chuckled. “She’s Jenna’s friend. When Jess came Jenna was so happy. She got some of her happy memories back just be being near Jess. Yes, her being a witch is strange but she’s on our side.” “But still…” Ichigo leaped up. “Your just mad because she was beating the crap out of Renji earlier.” Rukia blushed. “S-Shut up! I was not! Renji deserved that!!” Ichigo smiled before rushing back into battle.
In the house, Jess was sitting down watching the hollows leave. “Looks like it works.” She smiled and rubbed Jenna’s hair. Suddenly Jenna’s body started to glow black and green. Jess’s eyes widen as she stood up and backed up. The pressure she was putting out would have crushed any regular human if they could feel it. Jess stood her ground as the window started to shake. It then shattered. The pieces came flying at Jess but they stopped inches from her face. Jess was unfazed as the glass went back and was through outside. She watched a visible shape of a man take form from the aura of Jenna. A hand reached out and rest on her tummy. Another hand reached over and clawed at the wall as the boy of the man hovered over Jenna protectively. Jess took a step back slowly not making any sudden moments. “’Who are you?” She asked. The aura and pressure pouring out from Jenna finally formed. He was in his final form. With long black hair, white horns on his head, yellow eyes, and everything below his waist was a shadow. He looked at her. “My name…is Ulquiorra…who are you…”
Jess looked at him, studying him. 'I see so this is Ulquiorra... kind of cute...' Jess stepped to him. "You are quite the powerful spirt. My name is Jessica Mikcloud. I’m a friend of Jenna’s.” Ulquiorra looked at Jenna. He rubbed her cheek gently. Jess watched his actions carefully. ‘For such a strong presence, I don’t sense any bloodlust or anything other than coldness but even so his actions right now seems so warm…’ Ulquiorra rubbed her belly. “What did you do…” Jess looked at him and sat back down. “Don’t worry she’s not in any danger. I’m doing it to protect her from the one who attacked her before.” Ulquiorra looked at her. “Grimmjow…that trash wont lay a hand on her…” Jess smiled. “You are protective over Jenna.” “Protective…? If that is what you think. I do what I must to keep her safe so that I may not be erased. That boy has placed her in danger to many times.” His eyes looked slightly sad. “Why did you fall for such a boy Jenna…”
Jess watched him carefully when she felt someone coming up the stairs. Before she could react Orihime busted through the door and fell down with a tray and bowl of soup flying up. “Wah!! Oh no!!!” Jess sighed. The bowl stopped flying and was turned over to where it wouldn’t spill. Orihime still had her eyes closed when she felt herself being lifted up. She opened one eye to see she was back on her feet and the tray of soup. “Your name is…Orihime right?” Orihime nodded. “What are you doing here?” “Um…w-well I thought you would like something to eat and I ended up tripping over my feet and falling down. I-I’m sorry…”
Jess shook her head and looked at Ulquiorra. He was glaring deadly at her. “She’s not a threat to you Ulquiorra trust me.” “She will call the boy…” “She won’t at least not until we finished talking. I have questions for you. Orihime please take a seat over there while I talk please.” Orihime nodded and took a seat in a chair and waited. Ulquiorra looked down at Jenna. “Your quite different…” Jess smiled. “Yes, I get that a lot. Now then, if you answer me truthfully, I’ll let you spend more time with Jenna. As long as she wearing this necklace no one can feel her aura.” Ulquiorra looked at her. “Why did you do this to Jenna?” Ulquiorra didn’t take his eyes off Jenna. “This was the only way for her to remember me…” “Remember you?” “When Jenna was younger she erased me. I don’t want that to happen again.” Jess looked at how gently he rubbed Jenna’s belly. He rubbed her head with the same gesture.
“…Is…Jenna going to die next month?” Ulquiorra glanced at her. “No.” “How do I know you’re not lying?” Jess asked. “You cut her aura off from me therefore you are cutting my life energy as well. I was only able to slip through your barrier due to sharing Jenna’s body and energy.” Jess narrowed her eyes. ‘Sharing…a body…’ She looked at him then Jenna’s belly. Her eyes widen slightly. ‘No way…if what he is saying is true…then the baby Jenna is carrying is…’
Outside the soul reapers were finally done with the hollows. Ichigo sighed out. “Finally, it seems there were after Jenna after all…with the help of Jess it seems we can rest easy for now.” Rukia was frowning. “I don’t know Ichigo…I still don’t trust her…none the less go back to Jenna’s we are going to make sure the area is clear.” Ichigo nodded and headed back to the house.
Jess was thinking as Ulquiorra stayed over Jenna. ‘Oichi has a genderless baby inside her tummy. Ulquiorra said the only way he could get past my barrier by sharing Jenna’s body and energy…which from what I saw is true. He didn’t come from outside he come from inside Jenna’s body…’ She frowned and then gasped. “N-No way…Are you truly going to try that!?” Ulquiorra paused and looked at Jess. Her eyes narrowed. Ulquiorra said nothing. “You better start giving me some answers…” Ulquiorra looked down at Jenna. “I told you. I didn’t want to be forgotten or erased.” Before Jess could ask something else Ulquiorra she watched him fade in and out. ‘Tisk…I can’t stay out for long…’ Ulquiorra looked at Jenna. “Do you know how it feels to be erased and forgotten so easily? To be pelage by memories of the one person who you carried for the most…I refuse to be forgotten any longer. I do not care who has to suffer I will not be forgotten……” Ulquiorra says as he started to fade back into Jenna. “I will be together with her…forever…” He says in almost a whisper.  
Jess sighs deeply. "Look, I know what it means to die... I have died once... I'm reincarnation myself... but I wasn't forced into it, everybody has a reincarnation even a hollow.... but with hollow's its very rare... I can see why you forcing it.... maybe this is your path Ulquiorra..." Sabrina made a cat shuffle noise. "Lady Jess... there coming back." Jess sighed "Sabrina hush I know."
Ulquiorra narrowed his eyes and then closed them as he faded into Jenna’s body. This caused her to stir awake. “Mmm…” Jess smiled and sat on the bed. “Jenna?” Jenna turned her head to the side and opened her eyes. She blinked a few times before her vision came to normal. “Jess…” Jess nodded. “How are you feeling?” Jenna sat up. Jess helped her. “C-Cold…did someone turn down the heat?” Her stomach also started to growl. She blushed slightly. “G-Guess we’re hungry…” Jess giggled and looked to Orihime. “Orihime do you mind?” Orihime stood up. “N-No I don’t.” She walked over and handed Jenna the bowl of soup. “I had brought it for Jess but you need it more.” Jenna blinked at it. “Do you…” Orihime laughed. “No, Ichigo made it before he left. He should be on his back by now.” Jenna took the bowl and took a sip. “Mmm…yeah…my Ichi made this.” She giggled as she started to eat the soup. Orihime smiled. It was soft and yet slightly sad. “Um I’ll go warm up some more.” Jess watched her go.
She looked back at Jenna. “Jenna…I hate to ask you something like this but…do you remember…” Jenna paused and looked at Jess slightly. She put the bowl on her lap. “…I killed my mom and dad…” Jenna said with tears on the corner of her eyes. Jess frowned and hugged her. “Jenna…it wasn’t your fault. It’s not…” “But I wished they were dead…I told him to kill them…I did…it’s just. They were hurting me so much. I couldn’t take it. They took me away from Ichigo. T-They were going to kill me!” Jenna shook as Jess took the bowl from her shaking hands. “Jenna it’s okay.” She hugged her tighter. “Shhh…don’t get upset. Ichigo is on his way back. I’ll make him cook you something good for you and your baby.” Jenna sniffed. “But…” “Enough now. You need your rest. How about a nice hot bath and some yummy food.” Jenna nodded. Jess lays her back down. “I’ll go get your bath started. I brought something special to make you relax even more.” Jenna smiled. “Okay.” Jess smiled. “Oh, and I’m gonna use your spare room as mine for now. I just don’t feel like leaving you here with such a clueless boyfriend. If you go into labor when it’s time I think he would be the one freaking out.” Jenna laughed. “I think Ichigo would do much…” She blinks. “Labor?” She sits up. “I’m…I’m going to make it to that stage!?” Jess smiled. “I told you I’d get you answers and something tells me it’s gonna be a healthy baby boy.” She says leaving the room. Jenna eyes widen as a tear ran down her face. She smiled and rubbed her belly.  
When Ichigo got back to the house he saw Orihime warming up soup. “Orihime? Do you know if Jenna is awake?” Orihime looked at him. “Um I think she’s up taking a bath.” Ichigo smiled. “Thanks.” He quickly head upstairs. He walked into her room where a sweet smelling scent hit his nose. He walked over to the open bathroom door. Jenna was relaxing in the bath with her hair pinned up and eyes closed. “Jenna…” Jenna opened her eyes. “Ichigo!!” She sat up. Ichigo sat on the floor next to the tub and rubbed her cheek. “How you feeling.” “I feel like I’m on cloud nine. Jess said this was some kind of medical herb bath or something to help me relax. Wanna join me!” Ichigo blushed but smiled. “No go ahead and relax, want something to eat? I did make some soup. Jenna nodded. “Yes and Jess said…that she thinks the baby is going to be a boy.” Ichigo raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?” “She said I was going live Ichigo…she said I’ll make it to the labor stage…” Jenna smiled happily. “I’m really not going to die!”
Tears swelled up in Jenna’s eyes. “Jenna…” Jenna sniffed and wiped her tears away before the feel. “I was scared…I didn’t want to die but at the same time I didn’t want to give this baby up.” She rubbed her belly. “I didn’t want to leave you here alone after everything you have done for me. I felt so conflicted and selfish…I’m sorry Ichi…” Ichigo chuckled and kissed her. “It’s okay. I know how you were feeling. I wouldn’t want you to get rid of the baby either. I could never see you doing that.” He kissed her again. “Mmm…Ichigo…” He kisses her deeply.
Jess was in the guest room on the phone talking to her uncle. “Yeah, I need you to transfer me into the school here…there is something I have to do here uncle so can you just do it please? Yes, thanks uncle.” She hung up on him and sighed. “So…he’s reincarnating himself within Jenna. I will have to closely watch her condition I don’t want any weird side effects happening.” She looked around the room. “Oh the other hand this room is a bit plain for me. Time for a little redecorating."
That next morning Ichigo sat up from his sleep. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he looked around. Jenna was nowhere on the bed. His eyes widen. “Jenna?” He got up in a panic, knocking the chair over, he ran out the room. “Jenna!!” He looked around and heard the shower going on the bathroom in the hall. Without a second thought Ichigo ran to the bathroom and kicked the door down. “Jenna!!!!” Suddenly his eyes opened wide. The person in the bathroom was not Jenna. This person hair was red and her eyes were green and wide looking at him. Not to mention she had no clothes on. The air was tense for a minute before they both realized what was going on Ichigo nose started to bleed a bit. “J-J-J-JESS!!!!!! What the hell are you doing in here!!!???” Jess let out a scream. “ICHIGO YOU PERVERT HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!” She grabbed a towel and covered herself. She then ran up to him, took two fingers and poked him in the eyes with enough force to send him through the wall. Ichigo twitched and then screamed out as he rolled on the ground from his eyes being poked. “What the hell!!?
Jess walked over to him and started to stomp the mess out of him. “DIDN’T ANYONE TEACH YOU HOW TO KNOCK WHEN SOMEONE ELSE WAS IN THE BATHROOM!!!!!! LEARN SOME MANNERS BEFORE I BEAT THEM INTO YOU!!!!! YOUR NOTHING BUT A PERVERT! PERVERT PERVERT PERVERT PERVERT!!!!!!!” When she was done she picked up his swollen body and tossed him down stairs. “Don’t EVEN think I’m done with you!!!” She yelled then stomped back into the bathroom and slammed the door. Ichigo was twitching behind the couch. He reaches up and tried to pull himself up and noticed that Jenna was sitting on the couch with headphone on eating ice cream. Ichigo blinked and removed the headphone. “Hey! Oh…good morning Ichigo! Ah!! Why is your face all beaten up!” Ichigo pointed upstairs where Jess was still going off about how much of a pervert he was. Jenna laughed. “Oh, yea. She’s going to be staying with us for a while. Isn’t that great!?” Ichigo froze like a statue as he fainted to the ground. “I-Ichigo?” Jenna says.          
About an hour later Jess came down still fuming. Jenna was patching of Ichigo’s swollen face. Jess frowned and smacked him on the back of the head. “OW!! OH come on!!!” Jess crossed her arms. “The least you can do is say you’re sorry!!” “Alright, Jeez, I’m sorry already!” Ichigo says. Jenna giggled. “He didn’t mean any harm Jess and he really is sorry.” Jess sighed. “I’m going out for a walk. Oh and I’ll be starting school with you guys Monday. My Uncle transferred me over last night.” Jenna smiled. “Yay! Just no magic to terrorize the other students…” Jess shrugs. “As long as they don’t over step their boundaries I won’t do anything, plus I’ve seen the people at your school. They aren’t worth using magic on.” She turned on her heels and walked out.
Ichigo sighed. “Your friend is weird…and not because she’s a witch…”  Jenna giggled and kissed his cheek. “It’s thanks to Jess that we got answers right. We know I’m not going to die and we know that it might be a boy.” Ichigo put his arm around her. “I guess your right…I do owe her that much.” Jenna snuggled closer to him. He leans down on her forehead.
Over at Kisuke’s shop. Renji, Rukia, Yoruichi in her cat form, and Kisuke was over there waiting on Byakuya. “You think he can really catch Shinji?” Renji asked. Rukia smacked him in the back of head. “Don’t be an idiot. My brother is more capable of catching a person like Shinji.” Renji rubbed his head. “I didn’t mean it like that. Jeez…” Kisuke chuckled behind the fan. “If Byakuya say he can do it then he will do it. Have a little faith in your captain.” Renji frowned. “I do have a faith in him!” A soon as Renji said that Byakuya flashed stepped with a tied-up Shinji. He dropped him on the floor. “Good work Byakuya!” Kisuke says closing his fan. “Other than one person we all knew you could carry out this order.” Their eyes went to Renji. “C-Captain I never doubted you for a moment!” Byakuya ignored him and turned away. “Where are we going to question him at? He can’t go to Jenna’s since the barrier Jessica has place only allows those who were present in and out.” Kisuke chuckled. “We can question him here. Captain Hitsugaya is already on his way with the others. As soon as they get here we can start. “Don’t we need Jenna and Ichigo to? I mean they might have questions as well…plus with Jenna’s memory intact it would help fill the holes.” Yoruichi sighed. “When you put it like that then maybe we should head to Jenna’s. Byakuya we leave it to you.” Byakuya nodded and flashed stepped away.
Jess was heading over to the park. She wanted to check out the tree. If her hunch was right, then that tree might provide some answers as well. She walked up the hill and made it to the tree. She walked around the trunk and noticed the claw marks. She rubbed them. “My, you have been through quite an adventure. She watched as sparks of green and black aura surrounded the tree. It was faint but she could see them. She remembered what Ulquiorra had said last night. “Could this also be…” She blinked and suddenly started to smile as she felt someone behind her. “It’s getting to be a bad habit of yours to keep appearing behind me Byakuya.” She turned to see him standing behind him. “Why have you come here?” Jess looked back at the tree. “I came to figure out some answers from a different source.” “I see…and what have you found.” “Hmm…that Ulquiorra and this tree are connected. It’s faint but I can see his aura around the tree and considering that this tree is also dying…I say it’s something to go on. Ulquiorra, this tree, and Jenna are all connected. Now we just need to figure out where Ichigo comes in.”  She turns back to him. “On another note, did you need something from me?” She walked up to him smiling sweetly. “Yes, We wish to question Shinji at Jenna’s but due to your barrier we can’t bring him in.” “That should be easy enough. Was there something else you wanted from me??” She asked getting closer to him. “I suppose you can say that.” He says. She smirks and wraps her arms around him. She rests her head on his chest. “I’ve missed you.” Byakuya wrapped his arms around her. “I have missed you as well.” Jess looked up to him and leans up. Byakuya leans down meeting her. Their lips touched gently for a minute before they both pulled back.
“Do they still not know about us?” Jess asked as Byakuya let her go. “No, they don’t need to know anything since has nothing to do with them. We will meet you back at Jenna’s house.” He flash stepped away. Jess sighed. “Again…never says good bye…” She looked back at the tree and placed her hand on it. For a spilt second she saw images of Ulquiorra, Jenna, and Ichigo flash through her mind. She took her hand away from the tree. “I see…you wish to see them, all three of them here before you pass on…your last wish…” Jess then smiles at the tree. “Don’t worry I will help you fulfil your last wish.” A light breeze ran through her hair gently making her giggle. “Your welcome…” She backed up and head back to Jenna’s house. “Now let’s see what information this Shinji knows.”  
An hour past by and everyone was back at the house. Jess had made a door way to allow Shinji, and a few others, to enter inside the barrier. She also slipped on a captivate blue, black and white allure eye, beads and hamsa Fatima hand charm bracelet on his wrist, sealing his spiritual pressure. They were all sitting in the middle of the room looking at Shinji. Jenna clinged to Jess a bit, who as sat down beside her. Looking closer at Shinji he looked pretty beat up. Shinji coughed a bit. “That was kind of unfair sending in a butt kicker like her…” He looked at Jess who shot him a glare. “…and then sent Captain Kuchiki after me…so not cool Ichigo.” He then looked over to Jenna who shook under his gaze. “If you wanted information all you had to do was ask.” Ichigo glared at him.
He walked up to Shinji and grabbed him by his shirt. “You kidnapped Jenna, fed her poison to tried to kill her! I say Jess gave you what you desevered!” “Hey, take it easy there. My body is already in a lot of pain here. I already agreed to share the information with you. So chill a little.” Rukia pulled Ichigo back. “Let’s hear him out.” Toshiro and Rangiku walked in from the kitchen carrying a TV. “It would be troublesome to bring that huge TV in here so this will have to do for now.” He sat it on the table and it turned on by itself. The commander popped up. “So, I see you have captured him. Good work.” He looked at Shinji. “Now, Shinji now that you are capture you will tell us everything now.” Shinji rolled his eyes. “That’s what I am trying to do here head captain…If Ichigo was the one to find us I would have happily answered his questions.” Ichigo growled at him. Jess sighed. “Ichigo that’s enough.” Ichigo felt himself being pulled back. He was thrown on the other side of Jenna. “Instead of losing your cool, maybe you should watch after Jenna. She’s scared…”
Ichigo frowned at her but then looked to Jenna who was looking at the floor. Ichigo sighed mentally and grabbed Jenna’s hand. “It’s okay Jenna. We are going to get through this together.” Jenna looked up at him and nodded and wrapped her arms around his, squeezing his arm slightly. She buried her face in his arm. Ichigo rubbed her head.
Shinji looked around. “So I guess this is everyone? I guess we can get this started.”  He made himself comfortable on the floor and sighed out. “So where to start…hmmm ok well why not from the beginning.” He looked over at Ichigo. “I’m sure you all know who killed Jenna’s parents by now right?” Ichigo’s eyes narrowed. “We were there when that went down. We were too late to stop it though. It was a sad shame to see little Jenna go through all of that.” Ichigo gritted his teeth.
Shinji looked at Jenna and then around the house. “…back then Jenna’s house was covered in this black and greenish aura. Just like this house is now. It was so intense that it kept regular hollows away from the house itself. However, it didn’t stop them from coming endlessly, keeping their distance. What caught our attention was that if the hollows came close to the house they would be killed on the spot and eaten. Soul and all.” Toshiro narrowed his eyes. “If that was true then how come we didn’t hear about this?” Shinji chuckled.
“For many reasons, you don’t need to worry about. You can ask your head captain about those details. Anyways. Me and my companions went to check it out. We stacked out the house for a couple of months. That’s when he appeared.” Shinji paused. “That bastard…I don’t know why he was there but it must have been a version of himself before he was with Aizen.” Shinji says. “Are you talking about Ulquiorra?” Ichigo asked. Shinji nodded. “He was different from the one you fought. Just like now he was clinging onto to Jenna since she was a child. I don’t know why he picked her but he did. He was feeding off of other Hollows to keep his form alive.”
Jess rubbed her chin. “…to preserve energy no less…” Shinji looked at her. “Well aren’t you the smart one.” Jess looked his way. “Do not try my patience, the only reason your alive even now is for your information.” Shinji chuckled. “Feisty…but yes, he is preserving his energy. You can tell when he is around. Whenever there are large groups of hollows gathering he will be the one they are trying to get to.” Toshiro frowned. “Are they trying to devour him?” His eyes looked to Jess. “They were surrounding the house last night so that means…” Jess sighs. “Yes, he was here once more last night.” They all looked at her. Ichigo frowns. “What the hell Jess! When were, you going to actually say something about this!? What would of happened if he came after Jenna!!” Jess looked at him. “Ichigo, this is the last time you will raise your voice to me.” Her eyes started to glow slightly green sending a chill down his spine.  
Renji frowned. “See we can’t even trust her! She’s already holding back infoma…” Before Renji could finished his sentence the fly swatter smacked him hard in the face sending him flying into the kitchen. “You are getting very annoying.” Jess says. She closed her eyes and chanted something under her breath. The doorway to the kitchen glowed slightly green. Renji got up, rubbing his redden face. He was about to make he was through with he was suddenly shocked by green lighting. He fell to the ground twitching.” Jess smirked. “Stay in there and be a good boy for now.” Rukia looked at Jess as Jess looked around the room. “Make no mistake I had no intention of keep this a secret from anyone of you but, I to had questions on my own that I wanted to know and got answers. I also wanted to meet this Ulquiorra to see if there was truly ever a real threat. As well as check somethings, out on my own. I was always going to tell you what I found. I will share any information that I have if it is to help Jenna.”
Shinji chuckled. “It’s hard to gain trust with outsiders doing things their own way. Who’s to say your actions haven’t sent Jenna to her death already?” Ichigo’s eyes widen. Jess looked at him as silence filled the room. She then turned to Jenna whose face was still buried in Ichigo’s arm. She then smiled. “There is nothing to worry about…Ulquiorra, wither he wants to admit it or not, will protect Jenna until he is done.” Shinji frowned. “Oh, and how can you be so sure?” Jess rubbed Jenna’s back. “He won’t hurt the one person he cares about. Everything that has happened these past four months have led up to the moment for when he could finally be one with Jenna again.” Ichigo looked at her with a confusing look. “What…are you talking about…” “The child Ichigo…the reason it doesn’t have a gender, the reason why they rejected those women, the reason why Ulquiorra is doing all this…is to reincarnate himself through the child Jenna is carrying…”
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